Wellness world

Relax at our Wellness World!

Big sized hot-tub, finnish sauna, steamchamber, tepidarium and cold water splashing pool awaits our guests.

Bigsize hot tub pool in the wellness world with unique cavelike environment with rattan furniture awaits our guests. A sauna and a swimming pool also can be found in the area. The pool can be used by 30 people. Its 36-38 degrees warm, with 4 tangentor, and with 3 geyserhead neck massagers. The wellness world provides your relaxation after weary weekdays.

The finnish sauna awaits its guests with a splashingpool, exclusive outdoor logsauna  and an outdoor slashpool.

Tepidarium: heated stonebeds, soft music soundtrack and starry sky experience granting complete relaxation!

 Aromatherapy steambathing with fragrance injection!

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